19 Aug, 2014

IMFG seeks Research Assistant for September

A part-time Research Assistant (RA) is being sought for a six month period, commencing September 2014. The successful applicant will be responsible for supporting a number of IMFG’s exciting research projects and other programs, in issue areas ranging from city finance and governance to transportation funding and big data.

The core responsibilities for the RA role will focus on research assistance and support for IMFG research, events, and programming, including:

  • Literature reviews and comparative research;
  • Assisting in scoping new projects;
  • Finding, analyzing, and using data sets (e.g. charts or graphs, conceptualizing infographics)
  • Writing, editing, and other contributions to IMFG publications;
  • Identifying project stakeholders and research partners; and
  • Other tasks as needed.

If applicable, the RA could also support other IMFG functions including:

  • Communications, graphic design, and social media support;
  • Executive assistance to the Director (e.g. help with preparation of presentations and speeches, communications)

Hours of work will be flexible, totaling no more than 14 hours per week, to be determined in consultation in a manner that balances IMFG responsibilities with academic degree program obligations. Direct supervision will be provided by André Côté, IMFG’s Program and Research Manager. RAs must have access to their own computer and workspace.

Hourly Rate of Pay: $25.00, to a maximum of $5,000, over the duration of the contract.


  • Graduate student at the University of Toronto in a discipline related to municipal finance and governance, such as economics, public policy, urban planning, political science, and other areas of relevance to IMFG’s mandate.
  • Strong research, writing, and communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently, to prioritize among different research tasks, and meet deadlines.
  • Previous university level research experience, including experience with quantitative research methods, and data collection and manipulation (e.g. Excel and other software).
  • Graphic design and social media skills (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) are an asset.
  • Previous experience working in local government is an asset.

Application Process:

Interested applicants should send a CV and a cover letter of no longer than one page describing their interest in the role and their qualifications to: André Côté, Manager of Programs and Research, at: andre.cote@utoronto.ca.

The application deadline is August 29th, 2014.