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Questions of how to finance and govern municipal policies and programs are at the heart of all city-building discussions. Since its founding, the Institute on Municipal Finance & Governance's research and programming has brought these issues to the forefront: informing policy solutions at the local and provincial level, encouraging practitioners across the policy spectrum to apply the municipal finance and governance lens to their work, and generating interest in these topics among the general public.

IMFG publishes its research in four paper series: IMFG Papers on Municipal Finance and Governance, IMFG Perspectives, IMFG Forum Papers, and the Who Does What Series. These papers are prepared by domestic and international experts, and by IMFG’s fellows and visiting scholars.

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Concise papers to inform and spark public dialogue about current issues in urban public affairs.

Key themes and policy lessons drawn from some of IMFG's public events and panels.

Papers examining the role of Canadian municipalities and intergovernmental relations in key policy areas.

Comprehensive insights into critical municipal finance and governance issues.

Critical research findings and best practices that can be applied in Canadian cities.

Full webcasts from some of IMFG's high-profile public events.

Unique projects and visualizations intended to highlight key insights in municipal finance and governance.

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