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Perspectives Paper | 2020

It Takes Three: Making Space for Cities in Canadian Federalism

Canadian cities are on the front lines addressing and dealing with the impacts of Canada’s major policy challenges, including the COVID-19 crisis. However, they remain “little siblings” in Canadian federalism, often ignored by the federal government or overruled by the provinces. This paper examines four specific challenges cities face because of this situation, as well as two fundamental steps that can be taken to address the imbalance in Canadian governance and fiscal relations.
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Perspectives Paper | 2020

A Playbook for Voluntary Regional Governance in Greater Toronto

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown into relief a range of health, social, and economic challenges for municipalities in the Greater Toronto region. These challenges – such as lack of affordable housing, income inequality, the need to spur economic development, and the impact of climate change – all spill across municipal boundaries and need to be addressed through cooperation and coordination at the regional scale.
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Perspectives Paper | 2019

Property Taxes in Canada: Current Issues and Future Prospects

This paper examines the current state of property tax policy across Canada and finds that municipalities and provinces are facing a number of shared challenges and questions, including: whether to apply progressive property tax rates, the volatility of property taxes, the benefits and drawbacks of using property tax incentives to attract businesses, and the role of provincial property taxes
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