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Presentation | 2024

The Politics of Local Budgeting in Canada: Three Case Studies

On June 12, 2024, Richard M. Bird Post-Doctoral Fellow, Stephanie Ortynsky, compared the process of local government budgeting to federal and provincial budgeting processes before diving into three case studies of municipalities that have embarked on budgetary reform: Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver.
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Forum Paper | 2023

Strong(er) Mayors in Ontario – What Difference Will They Make?

Led by IMFG Fellow Zack Taylor, this Forum paper brings together the contributions of the panelists who participated in the IMFG panel on Strong(er) Mayors – What Difference Will They Make?, held last October following the Government of Ontario’s decision to expand the powers of the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa. The paper has been updated to reflect key developments since the panel took place, including the additional powers given to the mayor in the Better Municipal Governance Act.
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Who Does What Report | 2022

The Municipal Role in Policing

New IMFG report describes the current challenges in delivering police services across three orders of government, and sets out approaches to address these challenges.
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Video | 2022

Strong(er) Mayors: What Difference Will They Make?

In this video, our expert panel examined what the “Strong Mayors” policy actually means: what difference will it really make? Is it a sea change or a tempest in a teapot? Will strong mayors actually mean stronger cities?
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