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Video | 2024

Second Annual IMFG Address by Regional CAOs

In this second annual IMFG address, regional Chief Administrative Officers of Durham, York and Peel gave their perspectives on the role and effectiveness of regional governments, and discussed how they are addressing the housing crisis as well as the underlying infrastructure needed to serve it.
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Video | 2023

Making the Case for Regionalism

Don Iveson, former Mayor of Edmonton and Chair of Canada's Big City Mayors’ Caucus, made the case for regionalism on January 17, 2023. He was was joined by Jen Nelles from the Oxford Brooks Business School and Zack Taylor from Western University who discussed ideas around regional coordination and highlighted some of the findings from their research.
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Video | 2022

The Pandemic and Beyond: Perspectives from Chief Administrative Officers in the GTA

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, the CAOs of York, Peel and Durham regions outlined their current fiscal situations and provided a fiscal outlook. They explored their region’s COVID-19 response, and set out some future goals, including in the context of complex intergovernmental relationships across the GTA and with the provincial and federal governments.
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Video | 2022

Strong(er) Mayors: What Difference Will They Make?

In this video, our expert panel examined what the “Strong Mayors” policy actually means: what difference will it really make? Is it a sea change or a tempest in a teapot? Will strong mayors actually mean stronger cities?
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