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Presentation | 2022

The Pandemic and Beyond: Perspectives from Chief Administrative Officers in the GTA

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, the CAOs of York, Peel and Durham regions outlined their current fiscal situations and provided a fiscal outlook. They explored their region’s COVID-19 response, and set out some future goals, including in the context of complex intergovernmental relationships across the GTA and with the provincial and federal governments.
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IMFG Paper | 2021

Provincial-Local Equalization in Canada: Time for a Change?

New IMFG and Urban Project paper reviews the current state of provincial-municipal equalization transfers in Canada and suggests ways to improve their design. Arguing that no province provides adequate equalization for municipalities, the authors take a critical look at the mechanics of such a transfer, and how it should ideally operate. Issues that first need to be resolved range from determining how local needs are calculated to ascertaining how municipal fiscal capacity is measured. Slack and Bird conclude with some suggestions for what is needed to devise fair, efficient, and transparent provincial-municipal equalization systems.
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IMFG Paper | 2021

Addressing the Fairness of Municipal User Fee Policy

User fees are one of the principal funding mechanisms for a range of municipal services, from water and waste management to transit and recreation. New IMFG paper explains why user fees are a good source of revenue for municipalities, how they are employed in Ontario, and how to navigate the trade-off between efficiency and fairness.
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Video | 2021

Property Taxes: Effective, But Regressive? A Review of the Evidence

Graduate Fellow Devin Bissky Dziadyk reviewed the decades of research on the property tax, and provide new estimates of the incidence of the tax in Canada. Most estimates suggest that the property tax is regressive. If so, what does the regressivity of the property tax imply for cities, and do we need to reform the property tax to make it fairer?
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