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Presentation | 2024

The Politics of Local Budgeting in Canada: Three Case Studies

On June 12, 2024, Richard M. Bird Post-Doctoral Fellow, Stephanie Ortynsky, compared the process of local government budgeting to federal and provincial budgeting processes before diving into three case studies of municipalities that have embarked on budgetary reform: Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver.
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Presentation | 2024

Second Annual IMFG Address by Regional CAOs

In this second annual IMFG address, regional Chief Administrative Officers of Durham, York and Peel gave their perspectives on the role and effectiveness of regional governments, and discussed how they are addressing the housing crisis as well as the underlying infrastructure needed to serve it.
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Presentation | 2023

Wellbeing Budgets in New Zealand and Canada: What Can Municipalities Learn?

On November 29, 2023, Richard M. Bird post-doctoral fellow, Stephanie Ortynsky, outlined how New Zealand adopted and implemented its innovative wellbeing approach to budgeting, described where Canada stands on wellbeing budgets, and discussed how Canadian municipalities could benefit from considering their budget decisions holistically.
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