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Forum Paper | 2023

Strong(er) Mayors in Ontario – What Difference Will They Make?

Led by IMFG Fellow Zack Taylor, this Forum paper brings together the contributions of the panelists who participated in the IMFG panel on Strong(er) Mayors – What Difference Will They Make?, held last October following the Government of Ontario’s decision to expand the powers of the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa. The paper has been updated to reflect key developments since the panel took place, including the additional powers given to the mayor in the Better Municipal Governance Act.
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Forum Paper | 2022

Digital Dilemmas: Technology, Governance, and Canadian Municipalities

Digital Dilemmas: Technology, Governance, and Canadian Municipalities summarizes findings from three panel discussions from the winter and spring of 2022 focusing on the platform economy, smart city technology, and cyberattacks as well as the relevant literature, providing direction for municipal leaders hoping to chart a course for their organizations through this uncertain landscape.
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Forum Paper | 2020

Charting A New Path: Does Toronto Need More Autonomy?

Across Canada, and particularly in Toronto, calls for increased municipal autonomy and the protection of municipal authority in the Canadian constitution have been getting louder. These issues have become no less significant following the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, which has revealed the limits of municipal powers and financial resources, while also demonstrating the importance of provincial and federal support for municipalities in difficult times.
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Forum Paper | 2018

Legacies of the Megacity: Toronto’s Amalgamation 20 Years Later

In 1998, Metropolitan Toronto and its six lower-tier municipalities – Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, East York, and York – were amalgamated to form the new City of Toronto. The decision to amalgamate was controversial. Proponents argued that streamlining service delivery would yield major cost savings for the city and its residents. Opponents claimed that eliminating Metro’s lower-tier municipalities would diminish the quality of democratic representation.
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Forum Paper | 2018

Promise and Peril in the Smart City

In the past few years, a growing numbers of urbanists, planners, technology companies, and governance experts have started to use the term “smart city.” Some define smart cities in terms of using emerging and established technologies to improve the performance of municipal systems. Others take a more expansive view that embeds these new systems in a broader vision of urban regions characterized by innovation-based economic activity, a highly educated labour force, and policy-making that leverages these new technologies to confront stubborn urban problems.
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Forum Paper | 2018

Finding Common Ground: Interlocal Cooperation in Canada

A range of municipalities are considering or already using interlocal agreements in a variety of policy areas. Canadian municipalities with such agreements generally report high levels of satisfaction with them. Surprisingly, however, we find less cooperation between Canadian municipalities than we find in other parts of the world.
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