28 Nov, 2016

U of T News interviews Enid Slack

Following Toronto Mayor John Tory’s proposal to charge tolls on the city’s highways, U of T News interviewed IMFG Director Enid Slack about the different revenue sources outlined in IMFG Perspectives No. 15, New Tax Sources for Canada’s Largest Cities.

The Perspectives paper outlines a variety of sources of revenue, and is discussed in the interview, Mayor Tory’s Gardiner, DVP toll good for Toronto, says U of T’s Enid SlackDr. Slack warns that the conversation should not be only about taxes and tolls, but about the kind of city we want:

We shouldn’t start the conversation with taxes. We should start the conversation with what’s our vision for cities in Canada. What do we want to see? People know what they want. They want good services. They want good transit. They want roads that aren’t congested. They want parks. They want libraries. And we have to pay for them.