24 Jan, 2017

Enid Slack Discusses Road Tolls on Ontario Today

Following the Ontario Premier’s announcement that the Province would not support tolls on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, Dr. Enid Slack, IMFG Director, discussed road tolls on CBC’s Ontario Today with Rita Celli.

Dr. Slack compared the relative merits of the gas tax and road tolls in terms of funding transit infrastructure in Toronto:

We’ve been under-investing in transportation infrastructure in this region for a very long time, so we need a lot of sources of revenue to make up for that, and gas taxes and tolls are two of them. When we look at these kinds of revenues, we feel that tolls are better than the gas tax, because they charge the users directly for the use of the road, so people are actually paying for the benefits they receive.

Listen to the show here