16 Apr, 2015

Enid Slack participated on an Institute without Boundaries panel on de-amagalmation

Discussing Division 02: The De-Amalgamation Debate
The Institute without Boundaries, in collaboration with Arup, presented the second panel of a three-part presentation entitled “Discussion Division.” The De-Amalagamation Debate examined the current state of Toronto, the Megacity, by challenging models for distributed services, increased regional connectivity, and exploring the tension between consolidated power and local responsiveness.

Panellists included: Stefan Krzeczunowicz, senior consultant specializing in municipal finance and management, Hemson Consulting; Alan Redway, former Mayor of East York and author of Governing Toronto; David Rider, writer for the Toronto Star, Urban Affairs; Enid Slack, professor and director of the Institute on Municipal Finance & Governance, University of Toronto. The panel was moderated by Christopher Pandolfi, Institute without Boundaries.

For additional information on the panel: <click here>.