Bold Election Ideas for the Toronto Region

Elections are a time to assess what has happened in our community since the last election and ask questions – often uncomfortable questions – about the places we live and the environment we are creating for those who live here. In the lead-up to the 2018 Ontario municipal election, the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance has commissioned a series of short pre-election papers to add to the dialogue and tap into the ideas of some of the GTHA’s most respected leaders. As you read these short papers, you will see that we have covered a wide range of themes – transportation, housing, homelessness, youth, neighbourhoods, Indigenous peoples, mental health, decent work, policing, universities, arts and culture, and regional and local governance.

These subjects do not always make for easy conversations, but elections are a time to probe our civic life and assess our progress – or lack of it – over the last four years. Where do we want to go and how do we get there?

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect that of IMFG.

Introduction by Alan Broadbent and Enid Slack
Image - Ending the Incumbency Epidemic
Restoring the Place of Indigenous People in the GTHA by Pamela Palmater
Time for Toronto to Grow Beyond the Car by Richard Florida
Image -  Greater Toronto's Neighbourhoods Will Deine Our Region's Future by Daniele Zanotti
RA Decent Work Agenda for Toronto page by Deena Ladd and Mary Gellatly
Housing Policy is an Economic Development Challenge by Jan De Silva
Image -  Building a Healthier, Wealthier GTHA by Focusing on Mental Capital by Kwame McKenzie
image - The University and the City: A Symbiotic Partnership by Meric Gertler
Regional Coordination is Critical to the Prosperity of the GTHA in the 21st Century by Marcy Burchfield
Image -  Policing Society's Poor: Unjust, Ineffective, and Inefficient by Alok Mukherjee
image - The Cultural Awakening of Toronto's Suburbs by Tim Jones
image - Housing Should be a Human Right - and So Should Shelter by Cathy Crowe
Image -  Making a Difference in the Lives of Vulnerable Youth by Kofi Hope
image -  Infrastructure Alone Won't Fix the GTHA's Transit Woes by Steve Munro
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